Geo Conquesting

What is Geo Conquesting?

Geo Conquesting is a brand new cutting edge technology that can be used to legally and ethically steal your competitor’s customers.

Watch this short video for an explanation of how Geo Conquesting works.

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Scroll down the page to see examples of how Geo Conquesting works in 3 different industries: Restaurants, Auto Dealerships, and Personal Injury Attorneys.

How Geo Conquesting Works:

Geo Targeting – A geo-targeting technology is used to trigger when a mobile phone enters a designated location. Once this happens an application that resides on their phone is contacted by us to retrieve the mobile phone’s Advertising ID.

Collecting Advertising ID’s – Each time someone enters the geo-targeted area, we have a technology that can get the Advertising ID from mobile phones. This includes both iPhones and Android phones.  This is special because Advertising ID’s can only be obtained by having an application installed on their mobile phone.  An agreement with 180,000+ applications on both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store allow us to get these Advertising ID’s using their apps.  Apps like Google Maps and other major application are some of these included in this agreement.

Cross Device Retargeting – Advertising ID’s are then collected, tracked, cataloged and sent to a demand side platform where we can then retarget those were in the geo targeted areas.

A special process using 3rd party services allow us to know which computers are connected to the home and work computers that they use.   This is done through processes such as logging into a bank account.  If a person has a banking application on their phone and logs in with their username and password the bank can tell it was from their mobile app.  Later if that same person logs in with their username / password on their home or work computer the bank also knows this and ties the mobile login information with the computer information.  This ties the mobile phone with the other computers the user uses. 

They then let us use this information to place your ads on their mobile phones, work, and home computers.

Geo Conquesting vs. Hyper Mobile and why they should be used together!

Both technologies are used together for each of their benefits.  HyperMobile targets and shows ads immediately while they are in the targeted area.  Then Geo Conquesting is used to retarget them long term when they leave the targeted area.

Geo Conquesting

We call this geo conquesting because we are winning over customers from our competitors.

Example #1:

A steak restaurant named “The Cattle Prod” wants more customers.  We target their 4 nearest competitors (other steak houses) and show ads to all the people who go into that restaurant tracked by their mobile phones.  They see the display ads all over the Internet on their mobile phones, home, and work computers.  A certain number of them end up visiting The Cattle Prod to give them a try.   They are then detected by their cell phones at The Cattle Prod restaurant and counted as a “conversion” in analytics.   The customers are retargeted on their mobile phones and computers over the next few months to remind them to come back again at a future date.

Example #2:

A Kia Auto Dealership wants to target customers who are in the market for a new or used car.  They geo conquest 4 competitors, a Toyota Dealership, a Honda Dealership, a Scion Dealership and another Kia dealership that is their competition.  We track them using their cell phones and begin showing those people who walked onto any of those dealerships ads the next day on their mobile phones, home, and work computers.  An ad might advertise to come and check out their Kia Dealership.  Each person who walks onto the original Kia Dealership’s lot is considered a “conversion” and counted in the analytics.   The customers are then retargeted for another 3 weeks.

Example #3:

Cobb & Cobb is a personal injury law firm.  They are looking to find those who have recently been injured either in the work place, an auto accident, or other injuries that may need to be handled by their firm.  They target five nearby emergency rooms to show ads to everyone who has entered the hospital to offer their legal services.  This is a good targeted market for those who have been injured (and their families who may be in the waiting rooms for an extended period of time) and might need assistance.  We show them ads starting the following day on their mobile phones, home, and work computers. A certain number of those injured will reach out to Cobb & Cobb for their assistance.

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List of Potential Markets and Their Possible Targets
• Personal Injury Attorney – Target Emergency Rooms
• Restaurants – Target Similarly Priced Competitors
• Furniture Stores – Target Competitors
• Car Dealers – Target Competitors
• Real Estate – Target Model Homes
• Dry Cleaners – other Dry Cleaners
• Pet Groomers – (targeting pet stores and vets)
• Pet Boarding (targeting pet stores and vets)
• Specialty Grocery Stores – Target large grocery stores
• Veterinary – Target Pet Stores and Kennels
• Auto Repair – Target Competitors
• RV Sales and Service – Target RV Storage Locations
• Auto Detailing – Target carwashes and other detail shops
• Apparel Stores (sports, fashion, specialty) – Target Competitors
• Shoe Stores (boots, specialty shoe shops) – Target Competitors
• Running Shoe Stores – Target Competitors
• Jewelers – Target Competitors
• Boutiques – Target Competitors
• Hair Styling – Target Competitors
• Antiques and Collectables – Target Competitors
• Donation / Thrift Centers (Goodwill Industries etc.) – Target Competitors
• Optometrists – Target Competitors
• Lasik – Target Optometrists and Big Box Eyeglass outlets
• Naturopathic Medicine clinics – Target Health Food stores
• Chiropractors – Target pain clinics and massage clinics
• Orthodontist – Target Pediatric Dentists
• 4×4 shops – Target Competitors
• Book Stores – Target Competitors
• Churches – Target Competitors
• Bicycle & Bicycle Repair Shops – Target Competitors
• Flooring / Tile / Stone stores – Target Competitors and Big Box
• Theaters / Opera Houses – Target Competitors
• Theaters – Target Competitors
• Arts and Crafts / Painting Stores – Target Competitors
• Banks – Target Competitors
• Wealth planners – Target Performing Arts, Country Clubs, etc
• Fitness / Gym / Workout centers – Target Competitors
• Health & Nutrition Stores (vitamins / Healthy foods etc) – Target Big Box Competitors
• Yoga Studios – Target Competitors
• Weight Loss Clinics – Target Competitors
• Bedding Stores – Target Competitors
• Nail Salons / Soap / Personal Care shops – Target Competitors
• Lighting Stores – Target Big Box Competitors
• Car Rental Locations
• Hotels
• B & B
• Horse Riding / Wrangler Rides
• Wine Stores – Target Competitors
• Airport Parking services – Target Competitors
• Museums – Target Other Attractions
• Entertainment venues (Concert Halls, Concert venues) – Target Competitors
• Casinos – Target Competitors